30+ Exciting Sports & Games

Golf Pebble Beach after dinner, go bowling or watch a movie. Whether you’re 8 or 80, HD SportSuite delivers all-inclusive family fun!

HD SportSuite is the ultimate amenity for your luxury home!

Don’t Sit Around…Play ƒ Round!

“My HD SportSuite has 30 sports & games like golf, baseball and of course – hockey! I can live stream sports while working on my golf game or practicing my shot. It has been a great addition to my house – it’s an amazing system and a lot of fun. It’s been used almost every day since it was installed. »

– Auston Matthews, Calder Trophy Winner & 4x NHL All Star

Virtual Sports Simulator

HD Sport Suite’s virtual sports simulator provides all the tech required for a truly personalized home sports simulator. We can assist you by creating interactive worlds that you previously believed were impossible, showing you the limitless possibilities available, including playing a round at Pebble Beach after dinner or striving for a perfect game in bowling!

Our team will integrate additional simulator technology to turn your room into a virtual sports complex. It’s the perfect addition to any sports-themed room, and it will surely entertain friends and family for hours. Better yet, you can use our sports simulator to fine-tune your skills during the off-season when the weather isn’t cooperating.

We are pleased to collaborate with you to ensure a smooth design and integration. Please contact us immediately if you want to add the ultimate amenity to your luxury home!