It’s amazing what we can do in 2022 that we couldn’t even fathom 20 years ago. We may not have flying cars as everyone anticipated, but virtually playing a realistic round of golf isn’t a bad consolation prize. Many factors make this experience possible, so let’s look at the technology behind a virtual sports simulator.

Multi-Element Hit Screen

One drastic difference between playing sports outside and on a simulator is the endless space outside. A virtual sports simulator has a metal-frame, low-rebound, multi-element hit screen to replicate gameplay. Thanks to other technological factors—like an IST computer vision ball tracking system—this hit screen accurately depicts how you strike, kick, or throw the ball as if you were in the open air.

Real Data Technology

The 3D-modeling technology in a virtual sports simulator integrates real course data, like digital photos and geophysical data, to provide realism. As the only company that offers real course data, HD Sports Suit is best if you want a truly out-of-this-world experience. It’s astounding that a virtual sports simulator can narrow a golf swing’s launch angle to a tenth of an inch and its spin within 100rpm. A simulator permits the avid golfer to practice their swing regardless of the weather.

Additional Materials

The screens of a virtual sports simulator are crucial to mimic the feeling of the sport. Another element to consider is the playing surface. As nice as it is, a carpeted room isn’t anything like a fairway or soccer pitch, so a quality virtual sports simulator requires the right playing mats.

Regarding golf, a hitting mat relays information on how you hit the ball off the mat, giving you an accurate portrayal of what your shot would look like on a course. A professional-grade nylon turf is the closest thing you’ll get to an exact lie as possible.

The exceptional technology required to emulate the proper sporting atmosphere doesn’t do much good without the equipment to play the game. Luckily, HD Sports Suite provides sports equipment to play a wide range of sports, including soccer, baseball, hockey, and of course, everyone’s favorite virtual sports simulator experience, golf. You can even experience the best of both worlds by playing footgolf, a mixture of golf and soccer, that will surely provide hours of entertainment.