Sports Simulator

HD SportSuite is available in multiple sizes of our sports simulator for home to accommodate ranging footprint realities. The player-experience, software, sports, games, and add-ons are identical/universal regardless of the multi-sport home simulator model/size selected. Aesthetically, home sports simulator users appreciate the choice of hard or soft-wall configurations/patterns, retractable drapery and our 3-day install process. Our team of project managers knows the best configurations for your indoor sports simulator and will work with you, your architect, builder, or designer to actualize your sports simulator for home. HD’s team streamlines a flawless installation, ensuring on-demand fun is ready when you are! We then train you on SportSuite, to ensure you’re 100% comfortable operating your home sports simulator We’ll ensure your HD SportSuite matches your space & taste. Custom choices include sizing, sports packages, draperies, game-improvement modules and more!

The World’s Most Amazing Sport Simulator

SportSuite Models


1. Aluminum Frame/Low-Rebound Hit Screen

2. Retractable Draperies or Foam Panels

3. Front Tracking Cameras

4. IST Computer Vision Tracking w/ Quadvision Technology

5. Overhead Tracking Cameras

6. High Definition Projector

7. Touch Screen

8. HP Workstation Computer

9. Professional Grade Hit & Stance Mat

10. Professional Grade Nylon Turf