Customer Satisfaction

HD SportSuite Simulators set the Gold Standard in luxury, build quality and integrated technology. Quality in a refined package is immediately obvious from first swing and makes your ownership experience a true pleasure. Our steadfast commitment to the ‘exceptional’ combined with minimal operating and maintenance costs ensures years of family fun! Our meticulous attention to detail is apparent from your first call with us. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and proudly provide references upon request.

We are committed to ‘only using’ top quality, professional grade components, such as: High Performance ‘Intelligent’ Smart Cameras, Professional Engineering Workstations, Linux Operating Systems, Multi-Element Screens and Spring-Set Nylon Turf. Collectively, our systems deliver unrivaled quality, superior performance and exceptional reliability. We stand behind your HD SportSuite with our industry-leading 2-year warranty.

Your HD SportSuite is customized to meet your specific needs and space. Our team works with your architect, builder and designer every step of the way. Our turnkey capabilities include: consulting, floor plans, CAD drawings, superior service, installation and post-sales support.

Remote Diagnostics

HD SportSuite is a 1-stop-shop. We provide comprehensive support for the entire simulator and it’s system architecture. We are uniquely qualified because HD SportSuite designs and manufactures all critical aspects including ball/club tracking and ALL software. If there is a problem, we provide 24/7 Support. One call and you’re directly connected to the engineers and technicians who designed, built and installed your system.

Our stringent quality control combined with complete support contributes to a greater than 99% simulator uptime. Additionally, HD Golf pioneered Remote Diagnostics in the Sport Simulator industry, allowing us to remotely solve any challenge quickly and efficiently. HD SportSuite’s uncompromising commitment to performance, reliability and service ensures total customer satisfaction.

Client Experience

Here’s what our clients have to say.

“We love our HD Golf sim! The accuracy and graphics are spectacular, and there is a great selection of golf courses. Chris was extremely helpful in sales. Scott and the team have always been available for questions and small servicing issues. Software updates have been seamless. Our HD Golf sim is a show stopper in our home.”

– Dr Pete P.

“The simulator is absolutely the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s a hit with everyone. Thanks!”

– Bob K.
North Dakota

“I am very pleased with HD Golf. HD is unique among the many simulator options because they use real-life images of the actual courses. The HD technology with many cameras measuring club and ball movement is a true representation of each shot. However, the accurate ball flight information truly takes it over the top. The system provides terrific feedback to analyze your swing, or you can see a realistic simulation of your ball’s flight. The combination of HD Golf and HD Multi-Sport make the media room the centre of every party, and the entire family can use it.”

– Dean T.

“Let me tell you, we thought we would love our new HD Golf Multi-Sport Simulator, and it has gone beyond our expectations. It works beautifully, and we haven’t had a problem in nearly a year. Even though we love golf, my son and his friends use it constantly to improve their batting skills. You have no idea what a hit this is at parties, and how has made our home life that much better. I would recommend it to anyone and can’t thank you enough.”

– Dean S.

“The golf room install is complete, and it looks wonderful. I wanted to thank you both for all your help in getting the details ironed out. Our installer, Stephan, was a pleasure to work with and did a superb job.”

– Ben D.

“I just wanted to send a note thanking Ryan and letting you both know what a fantastic job he did on installing my simulator. He did great work and was very friendly. Ryan made sure it was all done right and was very collaborative on asking how I wanted things done. You’ve got a good one there. Thanks again, I love the setup!”

– Jeff B.

“Glen did a great job, and I love the system. I’ll send you some pictures of the set up once it’s complete with the furniture. Thanks again for all your help.”

– John R.
North Carolina

“I installed the 16:10 Curved Championship HD Golf simulator model in our new home back in June 2019. All I can say is “WOW”! The quality of the simulator is without a doubt first class and industry-leading. The support I received from HD Golf throughout the process was fantastic. Everything from the initial decision through the installation process capped off with the real-time customer support has been fantastic. Everyone I’ve worked with has been committed to making the project a success while making my satisfaction a priority. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to select HD Golf and look forward to years of enjoyment!”

– Jim R.

“The install went very smoothly and Jess couldn’t have been more professional and efficient. He totally got the “surprise” aspect of this and was thoroughly flexible to anything we needed to do to work around the home being occupied during the work. We genuinely appreciate how everyone at your company worked to pull this together on such short notice. What seemed impossible, became reality with the diligence of both Lynn and yourself.”

– Joe G.

“I couldn’t be happier with my golf simulator system from HD Golf. The photographic quality is amazing and the analytics have been truly helpful in lowering my handicap. From the initial no pressure conversations when I was comparing competitive systems I have felt in good hands with the team at HD Golf. The professional installation was a piece of cake, and the follow up customer service has exceeded expectations.”

– Rick J.

“I just wanted to send you a quick email regarding the quality of support we have received from HD Golf. The support from you and your team has been nothing short of excellent! Congratulations to you and your team on a job well done, keep up the great work.”

– Jeff O.