Play 30+ Sports and Games

Play 30+ exciting sports & games in a single room with HD SportSuite™. Created for commercial use, it captivates a diverse audience with an amazing multi-player user-experience. Adjustable difficulty settings ensure players of ALL ages and athletic abilities have a great time. Highly versatile, on-demand fun is here!

My family loves our HD Simulator. We started with HD Golf, and then added HD Multi-Sport. The HD Multi-Sport add-on gives us Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Sport-Shooting, Lacrosse, Bowling and our favourite… Football!

– Ben Roethlisberger, NFL Superstar, 2x Super Bowl Champion, 6x Pro Bowler

Built for business!

Over the past 15 years, we have installed thousands of simulators in over 50 countries. Make every square foot count with this incredible amenity that fulfills your goals: Revenue Growth, Profitability, Reliability and Customer Loyalty.

My buddies & I are blown away by HD Multi-Sport™ – it’s simply amazing!

– Dax McCarty, Decorated MLS All-Star and US National Team Member


Ultimate indoor sports amenity!


Hotels & Resorts

An indoor sports simulator for your business allows you to nurture existing relationships and build new ones through loyalty program integration. Or charge guests hourly rates. Activate your local community with tournaments & leagues during slow periods for additional revenue and demographic expansion.

Family Fun Centres

Integrate HD SportSuite to maximize profits. Imagine adding 30+ multiplayer Sports & Games in a compact, cost-effective package. In addition to sports & games, the simulator doubles as a movie theatre and even offers picture-in-picture, allowing sports and the Big Game to be enjoyed simultaneously.

Incredible versatility meets all-ages fun – the wide range of activities keeps families coming back for more! Leagues, tournaments, competitions and special events become incredibly easy to manage and run with our Integrated and CUSTOMIZED Clubhouse Management Software. Streamline operations, generate revenue and improve your bottom line through on-demand fun & excitement.


There’s nothing better than an office with a great view. Transport your clients to #7 at Pebble Beach or the Target Pro Tour stadium for a meeting to remember. Unexpected presentations on the big screen are augmented by on-demand sports, giving you and your team an incredible place to meet, share ideas and have fun.


HD SportSuite is the most exciting and profitable enhancement available. Empower your Clubhouse with F&B growth and become the talk of the town. Extend operating hours while mitigating weather realities with your simulator. Instructors love teaching on SportSuite as much as students enjoy learning with it! Package Club fitting, swing clinics and athlete development within your Clubhouse to get more from it.

Sports Bars

Raise a glass to HD SportSuite and connect patrons while driving revenue. Once playing, patrons want to stay! Watch friendships develop as F&B spend increases. Spectator friendly and fun for all, there’s no shortage of pay-to-play Customers who love leagues, tournaments and a night out with friends.

Cruise Ships

Deliver ‘sports on the high seas’! Celebrated by Activity Directors for all-inclusive fun, HD SportSuite helps cruise ships make big waves with its small footprint. Spirited enjoyment is a fantastic competitive advantage and passengers rave about it. Boundless games and exciting tournaments deliver fun in-port and during the cruise.

Recreation Centres

Condo, community and corporate recreation centers are the perfect home for HD SportSuite. It’s the only amenity that provides 30+ multiplayer sports & games in one room. All-ages and skill levels have a great time playing on the simulator as a family or friend group. It also doubles as a movie theatre, presentation theatre and offers picture-in-picture! The extensive versatility of HD SportSuite creates long-term engagement, family loyalty and an exciting point-of-difference for your community.


HD SportSuite is a great bet for Casinos – delivering 30 riveting sports & games in a small package. This ground-breaking entertainment creates loyalty through attraction – a win for both ‘The House’ & ‘The Player’. There’s no shortage of exciting, on-demand, all-ages fun when HD SportSuite is played. Crowds gather, cheering starts and dynamic multiplayer gaming begins.

Customized games weave your brand directly into the player experience, while in-game advertising strategically delivers promotions to guests. When they hit ‘The Suite’ it’s excitement and revenue in spades.

Beautifully constructed and incredibly realistic, HD SportSuite is a big draw for groups, teams and friends. Special events, bachelor & birthday parties have been permanently upgraded with this incredible amenity. There’s nothing that provides as much excitement per square foot as SportSuite.


Attract New Customers

From their first shot, it’s contagious, shareable fun that gets everyone involved. SportSuite immerses players in a memorable, engaging experience. Curiosity is always rewarded through a wealth of games, sports and multiplayer scenarios. Excitement is what SportSuite makes possible. Use it to generate exciting social content and loyalty.

Earn Customer Loyalty

SportSuite’s magic drives Loyalty. Consistently fun times ensures players keep returning for more. Guests love combining active recreation with food, drinks and friends. There’s nothing quite like SportSuite – and players quickly progress from occasional to regular enjoyment. Run a golf tournament, events, a league or a competition across multiple sports to drive excitement & loyalty.

HD continuously develops and launches new sports, games and play-action scenarios. The ever-expanding repertoire of fun & exciting sports ensures there’s always something NEW for loyal customers to enjoy!

Increase Food & Beverage Spend

Guests who Stay & Play are Willing to Pay. Customers spend more when they’re engaged and having fun. Maximize their F&B spend by running in-game specials, events, tournaments, leagues and clinics.

Promote specials and increase sales with the integrated on-screen Ad-Kit. It’s customized for your business, easy to use and excels at promoting F&B specials, upcoming events and tournaments. This included advertising channel is remarkably effective and dramatically increases sales and upselling opportunities. Time an ad for ‘turnaround hole’ F&B or a post-match beverage special.

New Revenue Channels

HD SportSuite’s versatility makes additional revenue sources easy to realize.

Corporate groups love SportSuite for ‘lunch & learn’ presentations – they typically connect a laptop, run their presentation, then play group sports after for fun.

Coaches loves teaching on SportSuite. Run athletic clinics and lessons using the Pro Instruction Studio – which converts your simulator to a professional sports teaching bay.

Community Groups: Community groups and sports teams enjoy using HD SportSuite for team building, competitions and leagues. It’s a great way to connect community groups through active recreation!

Leagues & Tournaments: Use the integrated Clubhouse Management software to easily setup and run leagues & tournaments. Our integrated and branded Player Lockers ensure athletes can easily track standings and stats while you continually connect to them through the 2-way communication portal.

VIP Parties & Events

Throw exciting parties, sport nights, tournaments and VIP events. The integrated screen-in-screen option lets you, for example, simultaneously broadcast the Superbowl while running a field goal competition on the simulator. Host a closest-to-pin competition during the Masters, try a home run derby during the World Series or a hockey skills competition during NHL playoffs.

Simple event setup and execution is guaranteed with the included HD Clubhouse Management Software. It guarantees players can simply focus on having fun, while the software manages every playing aspect from start times to scoring on the giant leaderboard!

Commercial Sports Simulator

HD Sport Suite’s commercial sports simulator provides an excellent method to enhance venue tours, practice sessions, and contests or to enjoy a variety of popular sports indoors, regardless of the weather. Quickly convert any retail mall, leisure facility, restaurant, or hotel into a year-round dynamic sporting sanctuary to maximize profit from this exclusive experience.

HD Sport Suite captivates a wide range of audiences through an excellent multi-player user experience. Players of all ages and physical levels will have a fantastic time, thanks to the adjustable difficulty settings. On-demand, highly adaptable pleasure is here!