In house expertise

HD is a technology/engineering firm – HD SportSuite is developed & built by our in-house team of engineers & scientists. We create fully integrated, realistic, pinpoint accurate family fun.

We develop and release more ‘next generation’ technology in the simulator industry than any competitor. HD developed the world’s 1st:

– Advanced Computer Vision Tracking Technology

– Integrated Pro Instruction Studio

– Patented Multiplayer Gaming

– Online Tournaments/Peer-to-Peer Live Play

– Remote Diagnostics

– High-Performance, Low-Rebound, Ultra-Quiet Hit Screen

Advanced Computer Vision Technology

HD pioneered the use of Computer Vision Technology in the simulator industry. Our patented smart cameras take more measurements, more accurately than any other simulator company! In real-time and throughout flight, our software converts these measurements into highly accurate and visually realistic shot outcomes. For example, we measure clubface angle contact to within 1/10th of 1 degree and our dedicated Spin Camera is accurate to within +/- 100 RPM.

Easy to Use Tech

Anyone can operate HD SportSuite using the large, included touchscreen. Images corresponding to games ensure quick & seamless switches between sports, games, players, courses and opponent settings.

Patented Multiplayer Gaming

HD SportSuite’s patented multiplayer technology lets players compete across our full range of sports and games. The included SportSuite gaming controller opens the door to limitless multiplayer gaming. Pass it to a friend – so they control the batter, goalie, net keeper and other players within HD Sports & Games. It’s fun and great for all ages!

Add New Sports & Games

The team at HD frequently releases NEW sports, games and courses for your HD SportSuite. When launched, we’ll send your simulator a ‘notification’ visible on the touchscreen. Preview & download NEW games like Angry Golf & Dave Pelz’ Wedge Challenge directory to your HD SportSuite from this menu.