At its core, HD in an engineering and software firm; we develop & release more ‘next generation’ technology in the simulator industry than any competitor.

We pioneered Computer Vision Technology in the in the industry and are the ONLY simulator brand that uses real course data. HD developed the first fully-integrated Professional Instruction Studio, which includes: Video Swing Analysis, Weight/Balance Transfer, Motion Analysis.

HD’s fully integrated and cloud-based Clubhouse Management is an incredible industry first – delivering the infrastructure businesses need to succeed: Custom Online Clubhouse, Player Lockers, 2-way Player Comm, Digital Ad-kit, Reservations/Leagues and Sales Data.


HD pioneered the use of Computer Vision Technology in the golf & multi-sport simulator industry. Our patented smart-cameras take more measurements, more accurately than any other simulator company. In real-time and throughout ball flight, our software converts these measurements into visually realistic shot outcomes that keep players coming back.


HD SportSuite developed revolutionary 3D modelling software to incorporate REAL COURSE DATA (hi-res digital images, geophysical and satellite + drone data) into the player experience.  This creates exceptional realism and gameplay players immediately notice! We are the ONLY simulator company to use real course data – courses LOOK and PLAY like the real course.


We measure ALL critical input & ball parameters to analyze each shot a player makes on the simulator. There are, at minimum 4 cameras capturing their swing. They analyze club head speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed), and object speed.


Comprehensive measurements are critical, but the accuracy of these measurements is equally important. HD SportSuite Simulators measure with supreme accuracy. For example, we measure club face angle contact to within 1/10th of 1 degree and ball spin to +/- 100rpm so you can subtle or aggressive spin on your shot.


Convert your HD SportSuite to a pro instruction studio with our exciting software. Use the Motion capture, video swing analysis, pressure mapping, slow motion replay and shot analytics within a simple and fun interface to improve your golf swing. Synchronized drawing tools, virtual lessons, Jim McLean 8-Step Swing, comprehensive Ball/Club data and the ability to share swings with coaches adds incredible appeal and makes learning fun.


HD uses stable, application specific/high performance, virus & bug-free LINUX OS. Its supreme reliability and performance creates a powerful system that can process incredibly complex data sets for accurate ball flight and object tracking.


Our quiet, high quality, proprietary multi-element (3-layer) hitting/projection screen is high performance with low rebound. The non-marking screens last the longest regardless of the sport and equipment used.


Our dedicated and integrated spin camera is an industry first. Mounted above the player and accurate to +/- 100rpm, it provides accurate & realistic ball flight, bounce & roll. Playing sports without a spin camera heavily compromises accuracy. HD is the only simulator company to use a dedicated spin camera.

Sports & Games Development

HD designs, develops, tests, launches and distributes ALL new games and sports DIRECTLY to our Customers’ simulators. This closed-loop in-house team then releases new games/sports every quarter.

Players love HD’s commitment to continued development – there’s always something new: Last quarter we released Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course, Multi-Pin green placement, 3D Putting, Upland Game and Pheasant Hunting. Soon, we’ll be releasing the Dave Pelz Short game program, an exciting self-learning instructionary dedicated to short-game golf improvement.

Business Technology

The HD Clubhouse Management System handles all critical aspects of your simulators. It’s fully integrated, custom branded and can be accessed remotely or through the optional supervisory station. Reservations, leagues, tournaments, advertising, lessons, player lockers with individualized stats breathe through a 2-way communication portal connecting you with your Customers.

Players login at the simulator to play in the tournament, which automatically tracks standings, scores, stats etc, and they login to their online lockers to view the results.


HD’s integrated Picture and Picture is a game-changer – letting players simultaneously compete while watching real-world sports on the big-screen. The picture-in-picture is also available in 4×1, offering options for viewing the big game! Use this technology to host field-goal competitions during the Super Bowl or hockey skills competitions during Stanley Cup Playoffs.

In-Game Advertising

Promote your own specials, leagues, sell ad-space or celebrate tournament winners with the in-game ad kit. This lucrative module ensures new revenue sources continue to materialize and your brand new leagues gain momentum.


We deliver 24/7 Customer Support & Remote Diagnostics. One call and you’re connected to the engineers and technicians who designed, built and installed your Simulator. Our patented and industry-first remote diagnostics allow, upon your approval, immediate access to your simulator. Our team can connect by internet to update software, add games or identify & fix any challenge in real-time.