Streamline operations for maximum profit

HD’s Clubhouse is your headquarters for managing multiple simulators and golfers. Easily & efficiently oversee, make and edit reservations, leagues, tournaments and contests. It’s a fantastic tool that helps reduce overhead while streamlining profit.


Your brand logo, colours and identity combine within the Clubhouse – the central portal for both you & players.


Acts as ‘player’ destination & interface within the Online Clubhouse. It’s a cloud-based, mobile friendly resource for player stats, news, 2-way communication and more.


Included player database features two-way communication to drive loyalty programs & specials.


Online & POS scheduling made easy for you & your players.


Track system usage, trends and revenue for real world data points on system performance & profitability.


Single & multi-location; with leaderboards, player stats, etc.


Advertise specials, events or recognize a preferred supplier.


Time card reader acts as a specialized employee – reducing costs.


Leagues & Tournaments

Accelerate player attraction & customer loyalty through leagues & tournaments. The integrated Clubhouse Management Software makes setup, promotion and delivery of fun competitions incredibly simple. Weatherproof, realistic and accurate gameplay attracts the casual to serious athlete while the digital leaderboard presents live-results to players – creating excitement.

The integrated Player Lockers and your cloud-based online Clubhouse become your digital portal to players and events. Players can login from their mobile device and check their league stats, tournament results and upcoming events.

HD Sport Suite is also setup to ‘play’ with other simulators, regardless of geographic location. Connect with other HD Sport Suite facilities across the globe for networked worldwide events! 

Lessons & Clinics

HD Sport Suite enables professional coaching across a diverse range of sports.  Incredible realism & accuracy faithfully replicate real-world scenarios players encounter during competition. The value of practicing & training for these situations on HD Sport Suite in controlled environment is critical to player development.

The simulator accurately captures and displays ALL critical shot, player & object data in real-time, giving coaches actionable data, insight and cloud-based infrastructure to support player growth. Coaches can easily upload, critique and share feedback on captured player engagements stored within the cloud-based system & Player Lockers.  

Easily make your business a Tier 1 athletic performance center through player workshops, clinics & lessons. When you install HD Sport Suite, you’ll attract athletic trainers with minimal overhead, promotion and operating costs. In fact, many Sport Suite clients develop relationships with local sports teams/coaches/golf courses and offer ‘simulator time’ at preferred coaching rates. It’s a fantastic way to optimize non-peak business hours!

Parties & Events

No amenity excites like HD Sport Suite. Capitalize on major ‘real-world’ sporting events and run closest-to-pin competitions throughout the Masters or a field goal competition during the Superbowl! And, do both simultaneously with the integrated screen-in-screen feature!  Harness the excitement of real world events in a magnetic way to attract new customers, earn loyalty and increase F&B spend.  

Corporate groups love using HD Sport Suite for special events. Hook-up a laptop and use the big screen for a presentation. Then, unplug and play sports for some fun team building or breakout activity!

Team banquets, birthday parties and fundraisers generate predictable revenue while additional F&B sales contribute to your bottom line. HD Sport Suite works with our clients and shares best practice, marketing support and operational tips to ensure your success from Day 1. 

Our HD Golf Simulator ™ is such an amazing draw for the corporate crowd. Corporate clients love the simulator. It adds a fun, exciting and competitive element to our business, driving lots of revenue.

– Ryan Horne, Entertainment Manager at Real Sports Bar, World’s #1 Sports Bar in the world – ESPN