30+ different sports & games in 1 room captivate a diverse audience through exceptional and patented multiplayer fun. Adjustable player settings ensure everyone has a great time – regardless of age or athletic ability. When you install HD SportSuite in your business – a simple room turns into a thrilling sports venue. 


Multiplayer games like Target Pro Tour, Carnival Toss & Western Saloon Shoot deliver exciting gaming. Reactive targets, explosions and big leaderboards keep everyone focused on the drama and competition!


HD SportSuite caters to a diverse audience. Everyone loves our extensive & growing range of multiplayer sports. From bowling to hockey, HD SportSuite captures and retains customers with incredible play-action scenarios and thrilling competition.

Education & Performance

Run athletic clinics and host high-profile instructors across multiple sports. There’s no shortage of experts who love teaching and working with clients on HD SportSuite.

Advanced Technology

HD SportSuite™ is built on our proven, Gold Standard Simulator architecture, utilizing advanced Computer Vision Technology. This technology provides the most precise and comprehensive measurements of any sports simulator, allowing you to put subtle or aggressive spin on shots & throws to ensure dynamic, accurate & realistic competition.

Commercial Software

Clubhouse Management Software manages everything from reservations to post-round player communication. No attendant is needed to operate HD SportSuite – keeping overhead & operating costs low. We’ll teach your team how to maximize its potential.


Tie HD SportSuite to Loyalty Programs, user-generated content and shareable brand experiences. Connect your SportSuite to others online or on-property for limitless tournaments at no cost.

Marketing Support

HD’s client commitment includes full marketing support. We’ll help you setup and run tournaments, leagues and events. We’ll also create custom creative assets for your business – including: custom print & web invitations, pop-up banners and packaged social content. HD also gives you website images & copy to boost anticipation, participation and corresponding revenue.


HD SportSuite wows business and their clients every time. With rich gamification, competitive multi-player scenarios, and access to previously untapped revenue, these clients have fallen in love with HD SportSuite, and they can’t stop talking about it!

“SportSuite locations sent finalist teams to a $1,000 tournament at Lifetime Fitness Corporate HQ. 100 teams from nine locations logged 215 hours of sim time! It exceeded our expectations and revenue targets! The software made it easy to manage & network with the other participants!”

– Kevin Unterreiner, Director of Golf, Lifetime Fitness

“The Bear Trap, our new Indoor Golf Center, was made possible by High Definition Golf™. Our HD Golf™ Simulator entertains our guests year-round and provides comfortable instruction, while generating revenue through lessons, special events and green fees. When sourcing a simulator, we wanted the best, so we chose High Definition Golf™.”

– Jane Broderick, Director of Golf Operations, PGA National Resort & Spa

Our HD Golf Simulator ™ is such an amazing draw for the corporate crowd. Corporate clients love the simulator. It adds a fun, exciting and competitive element to our business, driving lots of revenue.

– Ryan Horne, Entertainment Manager at Real Sports Bar, World’s #1 Sports Bar – ESPN

While I’m instructing, the simulator is
automatically capturing everything that moves – the player, the club and the ball. It’s amazing!

– Jim McLean, PGA Hall of Fame, World Renowned Golf Instructor

The system is great. It’s easy to use, realistic and accurate. It’s nice to come in here and play for a few hours. The kids love it, it’s awesome, I think it’s great!

– Brent Seabrook, NHL All-Star, 3-time Stanley Cup Champion