4 Accessories You Need for Your Sports Simulator Room

Sports fans tend to ridicule the athletes who fail to live up to their expectations, claiming they could do what they do while sitting on the couch. While many of us aren’t getting a call from a general manager to prove our absurd proclamations, you can put your money where your mouth is in several ways.

A sports simulator is a wonderful technology that allows you to play numerous sports as if you were on the playing field in the comfort of your home. In addition to adding a sports simulator, you need these four accessories for your sports simulator room to make it the ultimate experience.

1) Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is a necessity for your simulation room. You’ll want a good place to rest when you need a second to relax and admire your long or deep drive to left-center field.

The odds are your simulator room will be a family and friends affair, so it’s wise to have an adequate seating arrangement to maximize everyone’s comfort, even for the spectators on the sidelines.

Comfy chairs ensure your body’s well-being during those nail-biting sessions and enhance the whole immersive experience. Find that perfect couch or throne-like chair and turn your simulator room into your comfy getaway from this unpredictable world.

2) Accommodations

With all the jam-packed action from your sports simulator, you will work up quite an appetite or need something to quench your thirst. Rather than stepping away from the action and getting food and drinks from another room, you can take two steps to your left or right and fuel up on your favorite trail mix and fitness drink without missing a beat by adding the appropriate accommodations to the room like a refrigerator.

Ideally, you and your guest will want to spend every second gazing at the large screen, especially if there is a key point in the contest you won’t want to miss. Therefore, adding a fridge keeps you close to the action while staying hydrated and refreshed.

3) Sound System

What good will a fancy-schmancy simulator do without a world-class sound system to accompany it? The beautiful thing about adding a state-of-the-art sound system to your sports simulator is that it makes the action come to life—whether you’re participating or watching.

Even when you’re not dabbling with the simulator, a sound system turns a room into a home theater to watch your favorite movie or sports game.

4) The Vibes

Although many (mostly men) will say all they need is someplace to sit, a controller, and a TV to play their favorite games, it’s nicer to create an aesthetic for the room and give it a distinctive feel. Use the walls as blank canvases and make the room come to life with posters of your favorite athletes, superheroes, or flicks. The experience is that much sweeter when you’re surrounded by the things you love.

These four accessories for your sports simulator room go beyond the actual gadget itself. Any HD Sport Suite home sports simulator comes with a big screen, hardware and software, and other equipment that can turn you into a multi-sport athlete. Our simulators come in various sizes, so we can turn an empty room in your home into an arena!