5 Events You Can Host in Your Bar With a Sports Simulator

A sports bar is about more than the food and beverages you serve; it’s about providing an experience that keeps everyone coming back. While it’s nice to have people you know by name, it’s integral to find new customers, which these five events you can host in your bar with a sports simulator can help you do.

1) Wedding Rehearsal

Weddings can be stressful for all parties involved, so unwinding after the rehearsal is a much-needed activity. Rather than go to a place with poor music and an overpriced menu, you can go to your favorite sports bar with a sports simulator and rent out a room.

Assuming that children can still enter the establishment, a bar with a sports simulator is an excellent idea because it can keep them entertained while you catch up with old friends and family members. Dealing with a bored child can be a hassle, so set them loose in the sports simulator room.

2) Trivia Night

Trivia night is a staple for many bars because it brings several people inside who would otherwise never come to enjoy a meal. Since more people are coming through the doors, a newbie may not know you have an extravagant HD multi-sport simulator. That one glimpse could tickle their fancy enough that they will return on their own time to enjoy it to its fullest.

3) Holiday Parties

Work holiday parties are usually a drag. After all, you see these people for over 40 hours a week, so why would you also want to spend your free time with them? But having a shindig in a place with a sports simulator can turn several frowns upside down.

Going to battle on a virtual golf course can maybe avenge a past defeat from another work outing. If golf isn’t your bag, 30+ other sports might draw your interest.

4) Watch Parties

If people are going to be into a sports simulator, they will most definitely want to watch some of the biggest sports contests throughout the year. Watch parties for the Super Bowl, World Cup, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final, and World Series can bring in a crowd. And even if you don’t use the simulator for fun and games, you can use the screen to show the game.

5) Tournaments

A friendly tournament is the most practical event to have when you have a sports simulator in your bar. A sports simulator is not only capable of holding live tournaments, but you can compete with others worldwide. You may have the longest drive in your hometown only to find out you’re at the bottom of the barrel elsewhere. A spirited competition will fire up anyone with any fire in their belly.

Opting for one or all of these five events you can host in your bar with a sports simulator can bring in additional revenue you may not have considered. HD Sport Suite is ready when you are to provide you with the most top-of-the-line simulator experience you can dream of!