5 Reasons Sports Simulators Are Great for Corporate Events

Organizations of many stripes—from NGOs and schools to the military and the government—use events and hospitality entertainment to build their brands, foster client relationships, and reward and motivate staff.

Sadly, organizing an event that appeases everyone can be challenging. Golf outings are a drag for those who don’t know the difference between a 3-iron and a sand wedge. If you are a pathological people pleaser, these five reasons sports simulators are great for corporate events can provide answers.

1) Multipurpose

Before we jump into the sports reasons for having a sports simulator at an event, let’s talk about the practical purposes of one. Even without the 30+ games you can enjoy on a sports simulator, it doubles as a projector, which is extremely helpful for any presentation.

2) A Fun Way To Spend Time

It can be like pulling teeth to convince someone to spend their free time at a corporate shindig, especially on the weekend. Most weekend family activities revolve around various sports between the kiddos. And if you’re flying solo, the odds are you want to be on the golf course or playing field. A sports simulator allows everyone to scratch their itch to spend time with friends and family.

3) Sensible Activities

Corporate events can be tame with silly SFW games, while others might look like something out of Wolf of Wall Street. Having a sports simulator available is a good middle ground that’s family-friendly and not boring.

The number of sports on a quality interactive sports simulator allows people to play a game they love. While swinging a golf club in a suit and tie might be tough, sports simulators are wonderful for casual festivities.

4) Weatherproof

Some corporate events might have an outdoor area for fun sports and games. Horseshoes and cornhole are timeless outdoor games most people enjoy, and you know there will be a stray football you can toss around while you get to know a customer better.

However, the weather can rain on your parade, causing you to head indoors. Going inside to enjoy fun and games isn’t a problem when you have a sports simulator. Furthermore, it might entice potential customers to hang around to do business with you, assuming they can make an excuse to visit the office occasionally.

5) Develops Camaraderie

There’s nothing wrong with a little intra-office competition between departments. Team-building is a useful resource to build camaraderie among coworkers, so let a sports simulator be the show’s star.

Whether it’s a long drive competition, field goal–kicking contest, or target practice, folks will be eager to strut and earn bragging rights. Remember to be jovial about any victories, or else you could paint yourself in a bad light.

These five reasons sports simulators are great for corporate events prove it’s a worthy investment at your get-together. HD Sport Suite is happy to help make your corporate event memorable with our state-of-the-art simulator. Contact us today for more information on how to make this a reality!