5 Ways You Can Play Sports Indoors at Home

Playing outdoor sports may not always be an option, depending on certain circumstances. But that does not mean you should abandon playing your favorite sports altogether. You can explore many methods and still have a great time, as these five ways you can play sports indoors at home prove.

Mini Golf

You may not have room for a windmill or a giant clown’s head, but you can make a version of a miniature golf course in your home. You can do this by purchasing an indoor mini-golf set or using your creative juices to construct your course.

Between couch cushions, tables, and other household appliances, you can set up plenty of obstacles around a glass that doubles as a hole. Whether you purchase a set or go the DIY route, mini golf can be fun for the whole family, even if you don’t have any experience with a putter.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is an entertaining sport that is suitable for all ages. Thanks to the size of the table, it’s easily playable indoors and requires minimal space. All you need is a table—even a dining room table—and a few paddles and balls. The game is easy to learn and enjoyable played as singles or doubles. You can set up a tournament-style bracket and have a family competition. Not only is table tennis fun, but it also improves hand-eye coordination and reflexes. You can maximize your return on purchasing a table tennis table by getting a three-for-one deal that includes air hockey and foosball.


Anyone who has enjoyed watching competitive darts knows how electric it can be when someone reels off three triple-20s. You can bring that atmosphere to your home without the chanting and hoopla of a European crowd.

Most people view darts as a pub game, but it’s just as fun with friends and family in the confines of your home. People of all ages and skill levels can work on their form, considering it doesn’t require much equipment to play.


You do not need to run a full-court press when setting up an indoor basketball court. It may not be regulation, but you only need a hoop and a ball to pop some jumpers. You can adjust the height of your hoop for younger players and possibly even add a mini trampoline below the hoop for added fun and challenge. You can play an “Around the World” game or create teams and play to 10.


While video games can be a fun outlet to get your sports fix, mashing buttons is nowhere near the same thing. However, when you add gaming to virtual reality, you can’t get a more realistic or thrilling experience than the one delivered by an indoor sports simulator. These five ways you can play sports indoors at home offer something for everyone, but a sports simulator is the only one to truly replicate the real-world counterpart.

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