Essential Accessories for Your Sports Simulator

The beautiful thing about stadiums with retractable roofs is that the weather has zero effect on the game. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or 100 degrees outside, the athletes can play in a controlled environment. You can accomplish the same thing by adding these essential accessories to your sports simulator so that bad weather never takes you away from the games you love.

Laser Projector

What makes the sports simulator experience grand is how closely it resembles reality. Otherwise, the interest would be minimal. With an LCD projector with a short throw lens, the trees on a golf course will come to life with impeccable brightness and contrasting capabilities. Furthermore, a laser projector can last six-plus hours, ensuring you can have a fun-filled day playing any sport you choose.


Another key component of your sports simulator is the information it shares about your skills. When you hit the golf course, step into the batter’s box, or slap a one-timer in real life, you only know whether you succeed or fail. On a sports simulator, you have realistic outcomes, and the system can show you how you did it and the science behind it.

Knowing your exit velocity is impossible without the technology to assist you. Furthermore, a sports simulator equipped with touch screens can take videos of your effort, highlighting any strengths and weaknesses in your repertoire. Although watching videos of yourself failing can be embarrassing, it could help you fix any hitches holding you back.

Playing Mat

Since you’re not playing on grass, ice, or the hardwood floor, you need a playing mat that can replicate all three for accurate outcomes. A sports simulator without a quality playing mat will frustrate the user enough that they may stop using it.

A team of highly-trained engineers designed our great playing mats, ensuring that they allow users to play their games as normal. This aspect is integral because it allows golfers to hit down-and-through shots naturally without worrying about damaging the club’s face.

Sound System

The sound system is an integral piece to fully immerse yourself in the simulated experience. With a surround system, it will feel like you’re surrounded by a raucous crowd watching you in the limelight. Even if you don’t appreciate the sound system for your sports simulator, it comes in handy when you use the HDMI switcher to play your favorite movies, turning your home sports complex into an auditorium.

Padded Walls

Lastly, it’s a great idea to include padded walls to protect your drywall from powerful and errant shots. Putting holes in your wall is the last thing you want to deal with. After all, you want to work on your sports skills, not pick up carpentry.

Including the essential accessories for your sports simulator ensures you have a blast improving your skills in your preferred sport or exploring new ones. HD Sport Suite’s virtual sports simulator is a one-of-a-kind experience that’s fun for the whole family. Contact us and see how we can make it work for your home today!