Reasons To Add a Virtual Sports Simulator to Your Bar

Rather than going to your favorite sports bar to watch a game, why not go to it and compete in one yourself? These reasons to add a virtual sports simulator to your bar paint a picture of why a sports simulator is such a fantastic investment for your business.

Make Your Bar Unique

Installing a sports simulator allows you to organize competitions and other special events, giving your establishment a uniqueness that no one can rival. Bar patrons will count down the hours until they can show their skills off in a tournament that only you can provide with an HD multi-sport simulator.

That emotional attachment keeps them coming back and secures your bar at the forefront of their mind. Repeat customers can pay huge dividends in the long run, and this unique addition will earn your business some loyal fans.

Creates a Fun Atmosphere

Customers like the exciting sports simulator environment, whether they are playing or watching. Sports simulators allow skilled and novice athletes to enjoy the game while spending precious time with friends and family. Customers that use your simulator will remember your establishment, boosting the probability that they will return or suggest it to others.

Use your sports simulator as a selling point for parties to visit you when the weather isn’t cooperating. After all, a rainy or cold day doesn’t affect a virtual sports simulator’s sunshine. Avid golfers itching to get a round in will come in droves to tee off, grab a bite to eat, and share a drink.

Dollar, Dollar Bills, Y’all

Sports simulators are an effective model to keep people returning to your business—and a steady stream of satisfied customers helps establish consistent revenue. Guests will stick around for a couple of hours to finish the course with friends or kick the ball with family. The drinks will flow during that period, and snacks will be essential.

Anything that can get people through the door and invite them to spend money is a plus for your bar. If your typical audience is there to watch the game, boredom may strike, causing them to bolt after 45 minutes. A simulator gives them a chance to jump into the action until the televised game gets interesting. That extra time spent is more money in your drawer.

These reasons to add a virtual sports simulator to your bar prove how valuable having one can be. HD SportSuite is proud to offer the most immersive virtual simulator experience with our cutting-edge technology that we can set up in your establishment. With over 30+ games to choose from, we can guarantee that we have something for anyone.