What To Look For in a Commercial Sports Simulator

Video games have come a long way since we hit a little dot back and forth using two small lines. Today, gaming experiences can feel so realistic that you feel like you have a jersey on your back or you’re wearing one of those goofy golf shirts. As a business owner, you should learn what to look for in a commercial sports simulator that benefits everyone involved.

The Size of the Simulator

Running a successful business requires you to make the most out of your available space without alienating the customer’s experience. One way to ruin a good time is having the wrong size simulator or choosing multiple simulators that take up too much room.

A sports simulator works well for several businesses, such as rec centers, hotels, sports bars, or a simulator arcade with several screens. But each one of those is vastly different from the others. Putting a simulator in a sports bar may be more difficult than finding room for one at a rec center, so finding a supplier of various styles and sizes for the designated area is integral. HD Sport Suite has a sports simulator for sale with 10 flat screens available to mix and match as you see fit.

Its Software and Hardware

The screen and enjoyment of a simulator can go only as far as the hardware and software take it. Regarding the hardware, you need a hit screen that handles everything you literally throw at it. HD Sport Suite’s durable metal frame and low rebound multi-element hit screen can withstand your fastest fastball and long drives.

When you add the professional quality hit mat, nylon grade turf, and quality stance mats, you have a sports simulator you can trust and is worthy of your investment. And we cannot forget the four-in-one PIP HDMI switcher, wall padding, premium sound package, and the sports accessories necessary to enjoy the games.

What You Can Play

Speaking of games, how about a simulator that lets you enjoy 30+ of them? HD Sport Suite’s commercial simulator wants to appease the uber-talented athlete with traditional sports like golf, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. But we also want to explore unique sports like dodgeball, cornhole, handball, bocce, and footgolf. A simulator like this never gets boring, motivating the customers to keep returning.

Two Things Are Better Than One

The beautiful thing about our sports simulator is that you can use it to entertain folks in other ways besides its virtual sporting experience. Watching the big game on a flatscreen TV is nice, but how about a beautiful 22” x 13.5” LCD touchscreen? HD Sport’s sports simulator also doubles as an entertainment center with its HDMI compatibility and premium sound system. It will sound like you are on the playing field!

Ultimately, what you should look for in a commercial sports simulator is something that attracts new customers and earns their loyalty. HD Sport Suite is confident that will happen with our state-of-the-art simulator bringing smiles to hundreds of thousands of happy patrons.