What You Need To Set Up a Sports Simulator at Home

The sports gaming experience continues evolving, flaking the line between virtual and reality. A sports simulator allows you and your loved ones to play sports from the comfort of your home. If you want to make that happen, learn what you need to set up a sports simulator at home to keep the games going strong.

The Room for It

Before playing on the finest golf courses and finetuning your corner kicks, you need adequate space to set up the simulator; otherwise, it’ll feel like you’re playing a sport in a soup can.

The width and height of the screen are easy to figure out, but the room’s depth can be trickier. You’ll want space between your walls and the impact screen. Otherwise, you’ll put holes in your wall. Twelve feet of room depth should suffice for all activities to protect your walls and keep you from feeling cramped.

LCD Screen

Now that you have accurate measurements of the area for the indoor sports simulator, you can focus on the screen. Fortunately, HD Sport Suite has three screens available: Executive, Standard, and Championship.

Our Executive works well for folks with a load-bearing structure that cuts the room in half. This screen’s dimensions are 9 feet tall, 14 feet wide, and 20 feet long. The Standard screen is a foot taller and a foot and a half wider than the Executive, while the Championship is two feet taller, three feet wider, and one foot longer. Regardless of the screen size, it doesn’t take away from the fun-filled experience of playing games on a sports simulator!

HD Projector & Other Hardware

A state-of-the-art screen doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have a projector displaying images. A simulator projector must produce detailed images to reflect a realistic experience.

HD Sport Suite’s HDTV-compatible laser projector provides crisp, clear pictures, making it feel like you’re on the playing field. You can explore the most beautiful golf courses in the world in crystal clear high definition, which may be your only chance to play there!

Other hardware equipment includes a quality hit mat, professional-grade nylon turf, and other accessories integral to your sport of choice, like clubs and laser guns.

Top-Notch Software

For the best sports-simulating experience imaginable, you need the software to take you places you’ve never been before. While a golf simulator is a hoot, you may tire of perfecting your chip and runs and ache for something new.

Software that includes 30+ sports and games, online tournaments, and customizable games eliminates dull days at home with a sports simulator.

These four things summarize what you need to set up a sports simulator at home. HD Sport Suite knows it can be a hassle to purchase these things separately or try to create your own. That’s why we include all these components when you buy from us. Not only will you receive the projector, hardware, and software, but we’ll be there to set things up the right way!