Where in the House Should You Place Your Sports Simulator?

It’s always nice to be “that house” on the block. As a kid, the most popular house may have been the one with a basketball hoop or a big backyard to play touch football. Your home can also be the place to be without a hoop or a big backyard when you have an all-sports simulator. The only thing holding you back is figuring out where you should place your sports simulator in the house.

Extra Bedroom

Maybe you’ve recently become an empty nester or have that spare bedroom handy if needed, but putting your sports simulator in there could be a good home for it.

The odds are it would have to be on the smaller side, which is 9” x 14” x 20” long, considering the bedroom will need furnishings and the simulator. Keeping it in a spare bedroom allows you to stay within the comfort of your home without going far from your bedroom. However, that may become an issue with your partner if you keep sneaking off to get a quick nine holes in.

Living Room

Putting a sports simulator in the living room comes with some positives and negatives. The good is that most of your guests will be more likely to hang out in the living room. Having the simulator in this location will encourage more folks to go to the living room to get in on the action. Furthermore, the simulator screen will be wonderful for watching movies or the big game.

The bad news is that although playing might be so fun, there will be fewer quiet moments to sit down and relax because someone—especially if you have children—will want to hone their skills.


If you want a wide-open area and enjoy the weather outside, the garage is a perfect fit for a simulator. Rather than turn your garage into a storage unit, you can do spring cleaning, make room for the simulator, and have the time of your life.

Open the garage door, invite the neighbors, and see who’s the greatest at shooting penalties in the world. And if not the world, at least you’ll see who’s the best on your block.


Putting your simulator in the room down under is one of the most popular choices. The basement rarely has a distinct purpose, particularly if unfinished. But even if the pipes are visible and you can see the home’s insulation, putting the simulator in a basement is a good idea because its size isn’t necessarily a burden.

Game Room

The best spot for a simulation is a designated game room. A sports simulator for home can be the MVP of a game room. Game consoles, arcade boxes, and air hockey tables can hardly hold a candle to a sports simulator that lets you play 30-plus sports. After all, it’s much more fun to be in the game than some disembodied voice telling you, “It’s in the game.”

Knowing where you should place your sports simulator in the house helps you find the location that best suits the room. Our team at HD SportSuite will be in charge of the installation, so you won’t have to move a muscle until you see the simulator in all its glory.